About Ashi


Ashi is a Japanese word meaning Foot (Feet) and that is the theme of the Ashi Resource Hub based on the founder's involvement with feet as a registered therapeutic reflexologist in the South African Complementary Healthcare Industry by extending the theme to mean Footsteps to Freedom in personal life, student life, and small business life

feet picture

Ashi Resource Hub

The Ashi Resource Hub is an online platform offering various resources to individuals, entrepreneurs, research students, and small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMME's).  The resources are in the form of publications, online and offline services, products, and recommended products



Ashi Resource Hub intends to be the leading resource provider in the areas of academia, therapy, and wellness to stimulate success, freedom, and productivity



Ashi Resource Hub addresses the need for resources by creating contemporary resources and making them available to individuals, entrepreneurs, SMME's and research students