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Barefoot Bodywork

Barefoot bodywork makes use of the therapist’s feet in a bodywork session.  Read more in today’s post.


Bodywork is part of the scope of practice for Specialist Wellness Counsellors to enhance overall wellbeing.  The bodywork practices are usually dependent on the skills and training of the specific therapist.


When talking about bodywork, it may include various techniques like healing touch, breathing techniques, energy techniques, massage techniques, and so forth.  The therapist usually makes use of his hands, sometimes forearms, and sometimes elbows during such bodywork sessions.


The question on your mind may be: Why does the therapist use his feet during bodywork?


The answer to the question is easy; the therapist does not use his feet, unless using a specific technique and then only with the client’s consent.  The use of feet during a therapeutic session is not strange and during Shiatsu or Thai Massage, the therapist may incorporate feet to assist with some stretching and relaxation routines either on a massage bed or on the floor.


A specific technique using the therapist’s feet is that of Ashiatsu.  Ashiatsu means foot pressure and it is when the therapist uses his or her feet to provide pressure to a client as a massage technique.  It is done in various forms and is either done on the floor or on a massage technique and the therapist usually stands above the client and provides foot pressure and foot massage techniques on the client.  Ashiatsu Bar Therapy is one such variation where the therapist holds on to bars above the massage bed in order to provide deeper pressure on the client’s body.


Christo Scheepers loves Ashiatsu and regularly receives it himself.  It is a great deep-tissue type massage that is not as painful as a sports massage because the therapist uses her feet instead of her fingers to massage the muscles and deeper tissue.


As such, Christo Scheepers has also received some training in Ashiatsu and developed his own unique barefoot bodywork techniques that is sometimes used within a bodywork session.  The techniques are solely for relaxation purposes and the therapist’s feet are used to provide some flowing relaxation techniques on the client.


Depending on the client, the barefoot bodywork Christo Scheepers offers, include a variety of techniques ranging from breathing exercises; some massage techniques drawing from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Indian Head, Hot Stone Therapy, Ashiatsu, Shiatsu, Acupressure; and relaxation techniques, making use of his hands and sometimes his feet.


The best way to explain barefoot bodywork is for you to experience it yourself and enter the world of ultimate relaxation.


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