SMME Wellness Coaching & Consulting

SMME Coach & Consultant

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Christo A. Scheepers, M.B.A.

SAIMS Reg. No.: SCHC02

SMME Coaching & Consulting

Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMME) are sometimes in need of coaching and consulting services to help take the small business (or private practice) to a new level, but often such services are just too expensive for the SMME owner.

Christo A. Scheepers puts his M.B.A.-degree, entrepreneurship acumen and small business experience to use for the SMME sector by offering coaching and consulting services, specifically to address the SMME Wellness needs relating to:

  • Change Management
  • Diversity Management
  • Employee Wellness for Increased Productivity & Performance and Reduced Absenteeism
  • Wellness Days
Cost of Coaching & Consulting

The cost of SMME coaching and consulting is dependent on the specific needs and requirements of the SMME:


You are welcome to discuss your specific needs, requirements, and expected outcomes with us: