Locum & Substituting


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Christo A. Scheepers

Cert.AI(Cattle)(BOSKOP), Dip.Agric.(LYCEUM), M.B.A.(MANCOSA), D.Nat.Med.(SACNM)

Locum & Substituting

"The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is that one certification that is in a class of its own, a proof that the bearer has acquired the necessary skills to manage any business of any size and in any industry" (RegInsights, Regenesys Business School)

Christo A. Scheepers, MBA offers his Locum & Substituting services to Small, Medium, and Mikro Enterprise (SMME) owners by overseeing their organisations while they are taking a few days off to rest and recuperate.

Specific SMME Sectors:

SMME's in certain sectors require specific skills for locum & substituting the functions of the business owner and thus Christo A. Scheepers is specifically skilled for the:

  • Agricultural Industry (Artificial Insemination of Cattle, Animal Health, and Animal Husbandry)
  • Beauty Industry (Health-and Skincare Salon, Health Spa, Massage Salon)
  • Complementary Healthcare Industry (Practice Management, Therapeutic Reflexology)
  • Education Industry (Assessor, Facilitator, Moderator, Skills Development Facilitator)
  • Food Industry (Coffee Shop, Home Industry, Pie Shop).
Cost of Locum & Substituting

The cost of locum and substituting services may vary depending on your SMME needs, requirements, location, and specific date range:


Feel free to discuss your specific SMME needs with Christo A. Scheepers to see if he is available and able to stand in for you in your valued organisation: