Testimonial 5

As a massage therapist myself, I find it difficult to get a good massage for myself, because therapists either work too softly or they work too hard and cause unnecessary pain. The bodywork you gave me was just right and pretty amazing actually. I’m usually too nervous to work on other therapists because of what […]

Testimonial 4

Wicked!!! That is the best massage I ever had. Just the right pressure and being a young adult female I feel very self-conscious about my body and never thought I would ever get a massage from a male practitioner, but Chris, you made me feel so comfortable, be sure to know you have a regular […]

Testimonial 3

Christo, you are an amazing bodywork practitioner. Being in the health and beauty industry myself, I massage regularly and never thought someone will be able to give me such an awesome massage. You know just what was necessary to make me feel comfortable and relaxed with your professional methods. You will make it far in […]

Testimonial 2

This man is a guru! One of the best massages I ever had. He is so professional and I am very happy with the booking. I left totally relaxed. Highly recommended!

Testimonial 1

Christo, you really blew my mind. As a woman, I was hesitant to consult with you due to misconceptions I believed about your industry. I hesitantly contacted you. I was so surprised at what I found. You are a great masseur. You’ve shown me a totally different side to massage.